All user, moderator, administrator and game communication on this server is logged. These logs may be viewed by the owners and moderation staff at any time. By using this server you agree that any forms of communications across the server can be used in any way the owning party of the server see's fit.

The use of proxy servers to connect to any of our hosted services is strictly prohibited. Any proxy server address found to be in use connecting to our hosted services will be set as a perminant ban by ip address and the player found using the proxy could face disciplinary actions to be determined by the moderation team at time of incident. We have scheduled processes that do reverse lookups on IP addresses that are connected to our hosted services and if a proxy server is detected the address of the proxy server will be prevented from connecting.

Proxy Server Usage

Code of Conduct

All users using services offered by Woogerworks are expected to behave in a mature and polite manner while on the server in order to create an open and welcoming an environment for all players. Anything written here may be updated at any time, without notification. Users are encouraged to periodically review this page to familiarize themselves with the most recent updates. The Woogerworks moderation team reserves the right to take action against any offenses deemed necessary. Please note, if someone else gets access to your account and gets you banned, you will not be unbanned. You are responsible for what goes on with your account. Similarly, if another user in your household or on your network gets your IP address banned, it will not be unbanned. If you feel that you have recieved an unjust or unreasonable ban, please contact an administrator / moderator and they will forward all requests accordingly.

The woogerworks moderation team reserves the right to take immediate action without warning if they find that the situation calls for it. If you've been warned and/or banned for offensive behavior, don't expect to be warned if you repeat it. You are expected to learn your lesson the first time. 


Terms of Service

By using any of the services that Woogerworks offers you are agreeing to the following terms.

Inappropriate Game names/Usernames/Avatars must not contain words or phrases that could be concidered offensive or excessively vulgar, imagery must not contain images that could be concidered offensive or excessively vulgar. Keep in mind that services offered are used by people of all ages, and we want to keep servers as acceptable place for them.

No user may under any circumstances insult or in any other way harass another user with the intent to disturb or upset them.

The target audience for the various games made available in the services offered are generally early to mid teen years. The main chat area's subjects and forms of communication is to be kept "age appropriate" and orderly at all times. This means refraining from excessively vulgar or offensive language, or other behavior that could be considered disruptive.

Woogerworks aims to provide a fun and fulfilling game play experience for all users. Playing games to intentionally detract from the enjoyment of other users will not be tolerated.

Our services are not bulletin boards. Therefore, advertisement with the intent of buying or selling products is strictly forbidden. And referral links or other links intended to benefit you by posting them are to be kept at a minimum unless authorized by the owners of Woogerworks. 

You may not charge a fee of any kind for players to have any affiliation with your tournament hosted on WoogerWorks. Tournament Organizers are free to give away any prize(s) they'd like, but must make it clear it is done without the liability of Woogerworks and its affiliates. Woogerworks is not responsible for any price value lost from tournament disruption, from crashes, software glitches, moderator action, or any other circumstance. We do not encourage or condone profit of any sort using the Cockatrice application.

Gambling/Betting on games hosted on the Woogerworks server is strictly forbidden. We do not encourage or condone profit of any sort using the Cockatrice application.

Modification of client in an effort to circumvent the software's method for security measures is strictly prohibited.  Modifying the clients security measures such as , but not limited to, client id will result in permanent account banning.